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June 17, 2009
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completion of church in Krtiny by Raven30412 completion of church in Krtiny by Raven30412
my 6. term architectural project.

in brief: pilgrimage church of Krtiny in one of the latest works of Jan Blažej Santini Aichel, probably the best and most unique czech baroque architect (check out this for example: [link] ). The thing is that the church was never completed due to lack of funds and reformations of Josef II.. More precisely, there is only one cloister done, which makes the whole composition unsymmetric.

And here is where we come - we want nothing less then to complete the whole church. Since this would be extremelly expensive, we had to also find a new function for the new cloister, or the space below, some good reason why to do this whole thing.

I decided to create a center for czech baroque art, since there is nothing like that so far, at least I don't know about any decent one. It's basically a gallery + large auditorium for concerts of baroque music, lectures, it can work even as a theatre. Everything done under the cloister, so I didn't have to really mess up with Santini's work, I'm building sort of pedestal for it.

I'm too tired to translate the descriptions to english, so hope you'll get the idea just from the pics, if not, I'll update this later.

btw, the church and cloister 3D model was mostly done by my schoolmates - Milan, Dave, Pavel and Honza, they did quite outstanding job on it. The final 3DM file has 300 Mb and it will be printed on 3D printer in 1:100 scale (which will cost about as much as cheep new motorcycle...), in full detail. I'll post photos of it when it's done, it's gonna be quite epic:)
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paundpro Jul 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
ksenosyd Jun 24, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
"The final 3DM file has 300 Mb and it will be printed on 3D printer in 1:100 scale (which will cost about as much as cheep new motorcycle...), "

LOL and this is why we're poor. Design looks superb, totally restraint. What rendering program did you use for it? that light on the concrete is awesome, i gotta learn this stuff.
:D yeah, studying architecture gets expensive sometimes:)

I used Maxwell render plugin for Rhinoceros 4. Yeah, Maxwell makes really awesome renderings. Even slighly better is something called Fryrender, it's built up on the same core but has less bugs and is even more complicated :D

I'll just finish some school shit and get back to comment on your new submissions, they look pretty cool at the 1st sight but I need to take some time to look at them carefully :)
ksenosyd Jul 1, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
Gotta look into those programs, superb stuff. Hows the graphic design coming along? Are you freelancing, running a business or working for some1 else? I love your logos and type fonts aye. Its totally not my style but they are seriously awesome. Awesome church reno, dont know if i like the arc for the zoo though at first glance. Im sure theres a lot more to it. I checked out your website as well, looks great. Did you build it yourself or get help? I need a website soon but i havent touched dreamweaver for years but yours looks like something i could probably still muster up..yet it is soo effective. I think its just your style man, i admire it aye. Wish we could work together one day hahah
haha thanks a lot mate, much appreciated. Yeah I wish that too, that would be cool. well who knows, I want to do my master degree abroad (czech arch. schools sucks), so who knows, maybe it will be Perth :D I mean I could use some suntan, it rains 24/7 here:)
Yes, the Ark... that was very specific project, for me, it's the most imporant thing I did so far. I learned a lot about stuff that really interest me, it discoveres things that are completelly ignored lately, especialy here in czech rep.. I know it sort of pisses off most architects, I guess it was made that way intentionally. But it won special prize in the competition, it was the only project (of 75 in total) that attracted investor's attention (investor is the curator of the ZOO). I also spoke with the chairman of architects jury and had very interesting chat about the project, he basically told me that the whole concept and point is so complicated, that noone got it during those two days. That even he understood what is it about few days after the competition :D

So yes, it's very interesting what it does with people and architects. It's not the thing you usually like, but I believe there's more in it then is visible at the first sight, and that in real life it would work exactelly the way it should. Anyway, it was huge experience for me, quite frankly much bigger than the church, which was a real fast work compare to this (except of the old church 3D modeling :D)

About the graphic design, I'm freelancing right now. I got few offers from bigger graphic studios, but always said them no so far. I enjoy doing small business, doing what I want and for who I want to... I have quite enough of clients, so no need to change anything now. And after school, I want to be architect, graphics are secondary interest. Even though I'd love to connect these two fields more and do them both somehow...

Haha yes the website is nothing but html and css done in notepad during two nights:D It does work, but I really need to upgrade it. I want to change my logo, website domain, CI, everything during these vacations, but not sure if there will be any time...
dobry!a to je schvaleny uz?
lol, ne, ani nikdy nebude :D
qantip Jun 18, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Moc pěkný, jen mě napadlo jak by se to udržovalo?
stejne jako cokoliv jineho co je hladka cista plocha, jako sklo. konec koncu nerezovej, titanovej a sklenejej povrch budov neni nic neobvykleho. proste by se to muselo castejc cistit. zase by se to nemuselo omitat.
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